Behind The Scenes

Who is Luke

Born in London, raised on the Mediterranean island of Gozo and refined in Norfolk. Luke Brient has a real mixture of cultures in his soul.

Luke has always been a creative. From an early age he has been strongly focused on design and the way things can be improved. He could, and still can be, often found at his desk surrounded by little piles of components belonging to things he has dismantled and projects he is working on. He is meticulous and careful. Everything is ordered in his mind and everything will end up to his version of perfection. Take this as a guarantee that every clients' needs will be met and exceeded to the maximum of Luke's capability as unfortunately for his sanity, but fortunately for everyone else, he rarely misses a thing.

After graduating from Loughborough University in Industrial Design, Luke discovered his passion for jewellery design. This was while he was working part time at a local jewellery warehouse in Norfolk. This led him to think about the market potential for handmade jewellery and the ways he could create his own using his skill set. From then on he has been set out on a mission to fulfil this desire to create solid high quality hand crafted jewellery under his own designer label.

The brand is trying to be as sustainable as possible to have the least harmful impact on the environment and industry as is feasible. Luke Brient currently uses 100% recycled sterling silver for all of their pieces. For prototyping a biodegradable PLA 3D printer filament is used, The packaging takes the form of hollowed out foraged logs from naturally felled trees found in a local woodland and all the tools used are powered by renewable energy sources fed to the house through their energy supplier. Our packaging filler is called wood wool which has been purchased from a sustainable source and made from recycled wood. To top that, all of our boxes are made of recycled cardboard which is also fully recyclable at the end of its life. When buying with us you are supporting a small business with sustainability held as the highest value at its core.


All Luke Brient designs are original and inspired by nature. One of our core values as a business is sustainability. Every part of our production has been carefully considered to make it as eco friendly as possible to aid the healing of our world. We'd like all of our customers to know that when purchasing from us you are supporting a positive movement as opposed to supporting large carbon fuelled conglomerates with no ethical values at their core other than profiteering.