Behind the Scenes

Who is Luke

From iterative sketches to 3D prototypes, every project is pandered to with the utmost attention to meet the clients' desires.

We don't believe in mass production. Every piece is designed by Luke Brient, poured at 1050 degrees Celsius, and hand crafted to the clients' desires, these pieces are truly one offs. This is all done from a small outdoor workshop in Luke Brient’s home town of Fakenham in Norfolk.

If you are interested in the process you can request to have progress videos sent to you from each stage of the design process to show your piece being created step by step. This is a great way to deepen your understanding of the process, to get an actual insight into the methods taken to craft your pieces and to gain a real feel for the quality of service you are receiving with every purchase from Luke Brient.

Call in, or come by the workshop for a chat. We're always more than happy to explain our processes in more depth and to show anyone what we are up to.


All Luke Brient designs are original and inspired by nature. One of our core values as a business is sustainability. Every part of our production has been carefully considered to make it as eco friendly as possible to aid the healing of our world. We'd like all of our customers to know that when purchasing from us you are supporting a positive movement as opposed to supporting large carbon fuelled conglomerates with no ethical values at their core other than profiteering.